2019-2020 IAAE Officers

Steve Keown
Carroll Jr-Sr High School Flora

President Elect
Kevin Pluimer
Eastbrook High School

Vice President
Leslie Fairchild
Decatur Central High School

Shelbi Louck
Blackford High School

Samantha Miller

Social Media/Newsletter Editor
Erin Padgett
South Ripley High School

Past President and Awards Chair
Hank Carson
Orleans High School

Executive Director
Greg Curlin
Switzerland County High School

CBAT Coordinator
Beth Theobald

CBAT Coordinator
Charity Keffaber

IAAE District Directors

District I 
Jim Armbruster
Rensselaer Central H.S.

District II 
Lynnette Markley
Argos Jr-Sr H.S.

District III 
Neasa Kalme
Angola H.S.

District IV 
Lindsey Williams 
Lebanon M.S.

District V 
Stacey Hartley 
Tipton Middle School

District VI 
Jamie Buckland
Huntington North H. S.

District VII 
Kenna Slough
Eastern Greene H.S.

District VIII 
Sarah Williams
Eastern Hancock H.S.

District IX 
ZoeAnn Chernowsky  
Blue River Valley Jr-Sr H.S.

District X 
Susan Wagner
Southridge H.S.

District XI
Brandan Bergdall
West Washington H.S.

District XII 
Ashley Wehner
Switzerland County H.S.

IAAE FFA Foundation Board Reps

Greg Curlin 

Lynn Fischer


Fruit Coordinator 
Kenna Slough
Shakamak Jr-Sr High School

Indiana Dept. of Education, Indiana State Dept. of Agriculture,
Purdue Agricultural Education, Huntington Agriculture
Indiana FFA Foundation Staff, and 
 Purdue College of Agriculture Contacts


AgEd Program Manager
Kimberly Barkman
1 North Capital, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indiana Young Farmers Association
Indiana Young Farmers’ Association
1 North Capitol, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN  46204

Indiana State Department of Agriculture
Director of Leadership Programs
Rob Hays
1 North Capitol, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN  46204

Assistant Director of Leadership Programs
Samantha Miller
1 North Capitol, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN  46204  

Indiana FFA Foundation
Executive Director
Lisa Chaudion

FFA Program Specialist
Joe Martin

Purdue Agricultural Education
Academic Advisor
Amy Conrad

Purdue Agricultural Education
Assistant Professor
Sarah LaRose

Purdue Agricultural Education
Program Coordinator
Allen Talbert

Huntington University
Agricultural Studies Program Director
Raymie Porter

Purdue Department of ASEC
Graduate Coordinator 
Levon Esters

Purdue College of Agriculture
Pathway to Purdue Agriculture and Transfer Programs Contact
Russell Nelson

Purdue Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Department Head
Mark Russell

Purdue College of Agriculture
Associate Dean & Director of Academic Programs
Marcos Fernandez  

Purdue College of Agriculture
Assistant Dean & Associate Director 
of Academic Programs

Tim Kerr