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Why Agricultural Education?

Agricultural education has evolved into an agribusiness, agriscience and technological education platform. The focus of today’s agriculture education is equipping students with the skills to live active and successful lives using 21st Century Skills, project-based learning and hands-on curriculum that is relevant to the problems they will face in the workforce.

What impact does Agricultural Education have on students?

6‐7% higher graduation rates when enrolled in an agricultural education course; Increased community and industry involvement within schools; A unique avenue in which students earn quantitative reasoning and science credits through diverse course offerings; Dynamic leadership training and community service efforts.


Connect with agriculture educators and additional stakeholders from around the state.

Who is my CTE Director?

Locate your CTE District to learn about who your area CTE Director is. You can also find additional information about IACTED.               


Learn about who Team AgEd is and find meeting documents to know what they are working on today.  

Invitational CDE Dates 

Find dates and information about upcoming CDE/LDE Invitationals that are available for your students. Visit the 4-H/FFA CDE website for information about 4-H/FFA CDEs. Please send any updates and contest information to Erin Padgett    

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